December 2016

Paulina & Marcin

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to work together with Paulina and Marcin

We spent a few hours together, in a nicer and cheerful atmosphere

in the beautiful scenery at the beautiful weather. created together beautiful story

which in the final version shows us the love of two people

A.F.R.O All Flows Reach Out

Mr. Green and I had a stop in Dublin, Ireland during our Europe tour. We linked up with Rafal for a doooope photo shoot. Was mad cool. We walked around the plazas in the Dublin area and took photos around. Much love to Rafal. Green and I had a dope time with the photo shoot. The photos came out beautiful! - FRO THIZZLE

Mr. Green

Rafal is an incredible photographer / designer. Me and AFRO did a photo shoot with him in Dublin in the Spring of 2016 and almost every picture he took of us came out album cover quality. He's also a good guy with a good sense of humor. I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with him to do it..." Mr. Green, -Live from the Streets

Radio PL

For nearly a year, we have had the privilege of working with Rafal Wojcicki on a range of design and branding projects. There has never been a project too big, a deadline too tight or challenge too tough for him. 

Paulina & Marcin

We would like to thank Rafał for amazing wedding session. He is very well organized person. His work is filled with passion and creativity. He will spend as much time as needed to make sure everything is perfect. Working with Rafał was pleasure and we’ve had a great fun.